Registreer .frl


In certain circumstances, it is possible to transfer a (part of a) domain portfolio from one registrar to another, bypassing the regular transfer process. Those circumstances are the following:

  • ICANN-approved transfers (according to the ICANN transfer policy) in case of acquisition of one registrar or its assets by another registrar, or lack of accreditation of that registrar or lack of its authorization with the registry operator.
  • BTAPPA (Bulk Transfer After Partial Portfolio Acquisition, according to ICANN policy) in case one registrar purchases, by means of a stock or asset purchase, merger or similar transaction, a portion but not all, of another registrar’s domain name portfolio, or a newly accredited registrar requests a transfer of all domain names from the losing registrar for which the gaining registrar has served as the reseller.

ICANN does not allow bulk transfers for other reasons. For example, a voluntary move of a reseller from one registrar to another registrar is not applicable for a bulk transfer and needs to be completed using regular transfers.

The biggest benefit of a bulk transfer is that it does not following the normal transfer processes. In other words, domains will not be renewed and do not get a 60-days transfer lock.

Registrars that want to start a bulk transfer can contact their account manager at dotAmsterdam B.V. for more information about the process and associated fees.