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From a creative start-up to an international enterprise; with a .amsterdam domain, you show your Amsterdam pride and your connection to the creative, innovative and commercial spirit of our city. Online we create an inspiring environment with its own identity and allure.

Many available domain names

The .amsterdam domain offers countless new options for domain names. This means more market opportunities: now is the time to register that domain name of which the .com or .nl domain was already taken.

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By aiming on a specific area you’ll build on your authority and relevance. This strengthens your position in search engines. The more we use .amsterdam domains, the better your position. You don’t search for ‘plumber netherlands’ when you have a blocked toilet, do you?

They preceded you
with .amsterdam

Creators and hospitality industry, culture and tourism; from multinational to self-employed and private individual:
22,000 people preceded you with their .amsterdam domain. Will you be next?
The organisation that helps realising sporting dreams.
The local chapter of the Cyclists’ Union.
Can it be more Dutch than pancakes?
The endless archives of the city centralized.
The annual cultural festival in Westerpark.
Amsterdam is a city that loves everybody.
A city with such a nightlife deserves a night mayor.
A full website dedicated to cheese. Could it be better?

Amsterdam fans

You are an Amsterdammer, no matter where you were born. How great is it that you can also connect your organisation or yourself to the city with a .amsterdam domain?
Egbert Wolf Brand manager City of Amsterdam
.amsterdam is one of the best adventures we have had.
Henri de Jong Founder Mijndomein and dotAmsterdam B.V.
Amsterdam is the city of tolerance and we are proud of that.
Lucien Spee Executive Director Pride Amsterdam

Shall we switch over?

Do you already have a website? Then a .amsterdam domain is also interesting. For example, because it makes you feel much more connected to Amsterdam. Or because your existing domain name was a compromise and the perfect domain name is still available within .amsterdam. Switching to a .amsterdam domain is not difficult, but it does require the right attention.

About us

Amsterdam is our pride and joy. Bustling capital city, commercial heart of the Netherlands and perhaps even better known abroad than our country itself. .amsterdam brings these unique features to the worldwide web, for Amsterdam’s nearly 200,000 businesses and over 900,000 residents.