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Additional security on your domain with Registry Lock

1 February 2023

The importance of a domain name is often only realised when something goes wrong. A website that goes down for a few hours or e-mail that is not delivered for a day may not be a problem for a personal blog, but for a business it can easily lead to a loss of revenue and/or damage to reputation.

There are several reasons why a domain name may be down. For example, it can be due to human error: specifying the wrong nameservers or renewing a domain too late. Such errors are usually easy to correct because the domain is self-managed. However, it can easily take several hours for the error to be discovered and corrected.

It is worse when a domain name is deliberately attacked. For example, there have been cases where the hosting party’s credentials have been compromised and a domain name has been transferred to another party. At this point, you are no longer in control and it may take many days to regain control of the domain, if ever.

To minimise this type of risk, .amsterdam introduces the “Registry Lock”: an additional layer of security that prevents any property of a domain name from being changed without explicit, manual prior permission.

You can request the forms for activating a registry lock through the registrar where you registered the domain. When a change is requested for a domain, the domain holder, or someone authorized by the domain holder, is called to approve the change. Only after verification of this person and the change itself, the change be implemented.

Check with your registrar about .amsterdam Registry Lock availability and fees. More information, including technical information for the registrar, can be found on our Registry Lock page.

Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash