How will .amsterdam be launched?

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14 Aug

On August 14th at 5 PM the priority period ends and the evaluation of applications will begin. When you are the only applicant of a certain domain name, this domain will automatically be given to you. In case there is more than one applicant with the same priority for a specific domain name, it will be sold by auction.

01 Sep

As of September 1st at 1 PM all .amsterdam domain names will be available one a basis of “first come, first served”. There will be no more priority for Amsterdammers.


Vanaf 1 juni tot en met 14 augustus kon iedereen een domeinaanvraag met voorrang doen. Die voorrangsperiode is nu afgelopen en het toewijzen van de aangevraagde domeinnamen is in volle gang. Hieronder lees je hoe het validatieproces verloopt.

I am the only applicant for the domain name

When you are the only applicant of a certain domain name during the priority period (June 1st to August 14th), this domain will directly be assigned to you. You will be notified automatically by your registrar. The moment of notification will differ from one registrar to another. We hope to have  all domain names that have been applied for only once ready for use by the first of September the latest.

There are multiple applications for the domain name

When your applied for domain name has been applied for by others as well, you will receive an email with an invitation to claim priority through our online validation system. In case you have not claimed your priority yet, you will have the opportunity to upload the appropriate documents for validating your priority until August 31st. Click here for all information about claiming priority. The domain name will be assigned to the application with the highest priority.

After the online validation system closes on August 31st, we will start with validating the applications. No later than September 15th, but probably ealier, you will receive an email with the outcome of the validation process. More information about the possible outcomes can be read below.

The domain name has been assigned to me

Congratulations! Your application had the highest priority. Unfortunately it is not yet possible to use the domain name, because the other applicants have the opportunity to appeal the outcome. In case nobody appeals, we will send your registrar the final outcome probably before – but no later than – September 21st. The moment you are notified by your registrar will differ from one registrar to another. We hope to have all domain names that have been applied for multiple time to be ready for use no later than October 1st.

The domain name has not been assigned to me

Unfortunately the domain name was not assigned to you. This implies that one of the other applicants has a higher priority claim than you. Your registrar will automatically transfer back the money (excluding possible administations costst) you have paid for the domain name. It might take a while for this to be processed. You can ask your registrar for more details on this matter.

I am being invited for an online auction

You are being invited to participate in an online auction in case there are multiple applications with the same highest priority claim. If you win the auction and payment is completed, we will notify your registrar that the domain name was assigned to you.

Who is my registrar?

In case you do not know through which registrar you applied for your .amsterdam domain name, please have a look at the payment receipt. An overview of all participating registrars can be found here.

How does applying for a premium domain name work?

Like the name suggests, a premium domain name is a domain with a higher value than a non generic domain name. The introduction of .amsterdam domain names means that a lot of generic domain names will become available, like www.hotel.amsterdam for example. It is not possible to claim priority on these domain names as a result of their generic nature. Please make sure you do not miss out on your desired premium domain name and make an offer.

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